Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vertical Urban Agriculture

This project was done earlier this year... where it deals with the possibilities of veritcal urban farming, within the city- which then help promote green design principle... ultimately making the design climaticaly responsive...

ground floor plan
typical floor plan
green systems
section and stats
detail section of 2nd skin
courtyard and sbat rating


  1. hi..nice one..i did d same project for my final sem project..can u help me??i need some revision for technical part for my vertical farm but i dont have enough knowledge for that..if possible can u post the technical part that u have done for this project?and how the water treatment & solar panel function to this building...please..really need ur help for my final sem in university...tq..=)

    1. Hi, this semester I am also doing a vertical farm for my architectural graduation project. Can you also help and give some advise by sharing your projects? I also have some difficults with the technical parts.